Winter 2016/17 – Morzine

So there we have it, my first season as a ski instructor back home is complete. I posted back in November about Supreme Ski & Snowboard School expanding to Morzine, and I can’t say I wasn’t a little nervous when I published the post. However, despite challenges, it’s been a great first winter and we’re looking forward to many more.


Les Dents du Midi




Lessons have primarily been in Morzine, using the fantastic new beginners slope, with the covered magic carpet and skiing over in Les Gets. I sadly only made it once over to Mont Chéry,  but it was so good to get back up there. The start and end of the season have been spent in Avoriaz where the snow has been pretty good at a higher altitude, and cruising around the rest of the Portes du Soleil.


An early season shot in Avoriaz

Thank you to everyone I taught this winter for creating fantastic memories and sharing some fun experiences. And, an extra special thank you to all those who have left very kind reviews on Tripadvisor. It’s a pleasure to meet you all, tots, children, teenagers and adults, and see you improve and grow in confidence to get the most out of your ski holiday. You’ve all been brilliant and I really hope to see many of you next winter.


A stag-do. Entertaining couple of days…

The lifties and pisteurs have done a medal-worthy job all season. For everyone working on the mountain, the conditions have not been easy with little snow, rain, even thunderstorms (lightening and thunder – very, very frightening, and exciting!), yet a lot of lovely sunshine. However, we made sure everyone had a fantastic time, learned to ski better, and enjoy the beautiful mountains, and time away with friends and family.


Being able to nip home has been amazing. Even when you’ve had a down day, popping up to Chalet Tressud, to a happy, tail wagging dog, who is always pleased to see you…there’s nothing quite so heart warming! Oh and my parents and whatever is in the fridge.


A very rare family ski

This winter, without someone to easily cover me if I were to injure myself or get ill, I tried to take extra care of myself. This meant getting plenty of sleep and not too much boozing… Apart from when two girlfriends and I started a Wednesday night supper club, post spinning class (lessened the guilt!) where we would proceed to stuff ourselves silly at an eatery in Morzine. The best soirées were at the Ibex brewery, sampling the beer, seeing how it was made, and then eating, on the first occasion, Moroccan food, and on the second, curry. “Are you gonna eat that?” became our motto. Oink. Bec Jaune was also a favourite as well as burgers in O Chalet with curly fries, and the Aubergade’s preggo-look-belly inducing meals.

Keeping myself fit off the slopes has consisted of the occasional run, the occasional swim, the occasional HIIT session on my balcony, but consistent weekly pilates with the lovely Georgie (aka G Rose) of Mountain Rehab, and spinning classes with Joe or Amelia at Buzz Performance. The latter I am now qualified to teach and will be joining the team this summer. I’m looking forward to getting back on the road. I just really hope I don’t have to start at square one with my confidence.

This is the first time I have followed a course of pilates and so regularly. My winged scapula has basically disappeared (2 years…yeah, stuff that Mr Dr!) and I feel much stronger and less ‘flailing limb’ like! I can’t recommend this type of strength training more – go!


For now, it’s interseason and despite living 10 minutes down the road this time, I find myself once again at my parent’s looking after the menagerie before my spring trip back to London. Hopefully a wet spring will allow for an excellent summer of sunshine. After three seasons back to back, I am so excited for summer, getting out on my bike, running, swimming, hiking, afternoons on Lac Léman, BBQ’s, and lots of adventures! I’m not sure, however, my glow in the dark body is looking forward to it’s first dose of UV rays. It is so good though, for the very first time in my life, to be not going anywhere after a season, mainly because I don’t have to pack!


Marmite. Best dog in the world.


These two are fairly cute too. Highly demanding.