Snail’s Pace

πŸ”₯ I’ve made hot cross buns.

πŸ”₯ I’ve taught a HIIT class for Buzz Performance LIVE on Facebook and virtually attended Amelia’s aerobic ride this afternoon.
πŸ”₯ I’ve had a work chat with Nick at Supreme. And subsequently checked in with the lovely Robinson clan. I’ve got some bits and pieces to be getting on with for work.

πŸ”₯ I’ve eaten four times so far and still got dinner to go! Something small before HIIT, then my main breakfast after HIIT, and a little snack-ette around lunchtime followed by some homemade banana loaf post Buzz ride.

πŸ”₯ I’ve written this blog.


For anyone else who misses Olive, a photograph courtesy of my mother.

Not bad for a Thursday in quarantine/lock-in/lock-down, whatever you wish to call it.
Personally, I like to call it ‘life at a snail’s pace’, and although today has been a flurry of activity, it’s a pace that I am trying to adopt.
It’s a pace too at which I struggle to function. Unless of course I’m on the run section of a triathlon, then I excel.
So whilst most of the world slows down, I’ve tried to also. Although ironically I’ve been trying to build a good base to get faster at running.
Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 18.28.00

Pinched of the Cartoon Stock website.

I realise, and appreciate, that I am actually in a very privileged position. I’m at home, with my boyfriend (and we’re still on great termsπŸ˜…!), my parents (although I’ve not seen them) are just up the road, and I live in a part of the world where I have wonderful views, can go for runs (within my 1km radius and for only 1hr) and am so very thankful I have a balcony that faces the sun for the majority of the day.
It’s actually quite nice not rushing about, but it’s taken me a while to settle into this routine and I still get a bit panicky that I’m not doing anything. Nothing overly productive anyway.
Through this ‘unprecedented’ time I’ve thrown myself in to getting some pre-season training under my belt. Normally it happens in Mallorca, on the job! Sadly the Buzz Mallorca training camps are not likely to happen this spring.
I’m not sure my Strava/Garmin/Training Peaks apps know what’s hit them with the sudden increase of activity for this time of year. Nor my legs. They’re supposed to be still cruising around on the slopes. I genuinely thought we’d have another powder day whilst locked down, and it would make us all wild with frustration. Yet we’ve been blessed with gorgeous weather. What’s the betting it turns wet and horrible as soon as the lock-down lifts?
Three weeks in and I’m already feeling stronger and fitter, and more tired! Also, remarkably, leaner. I’m quite surprised, what with all this time to bake, cook and eat.
And we have been cooking and baking. If you missed it, Hugo baked his first cob loaf.
Charlie (housemate) also baked some rolls to serve with a homemade curry.
We’ve been taking turns to cook and experiment, using as many ingredients that we already have at home to feed our bellies.
I’ve indulged in a couple of books, listened to Podcasts, taken baths (I never have baths!) video called friends who I have not spoken to in years, and just taken the time to not think too much, but just try and be. Because really, why else are we here?