About Me


Welcome to my blog, Treadmills and Chocolate!

I started this blog in 2014 when I was training to qualify as a Personal Trainer with Future Fit Training in London. I wanted to document my training, my adventures, my life as a ski instructor and a personal trainer, as well as my efforts in the kitchen.

Life is all about balance in so many ways and through Treadmills and Chocolate I aim to share my experiences and knowledge, helping myself and others to find a happy balance in life.


The name Treadmills and Chocolate came about as I’ve always been conscious about striking an appropriate balance between food and exercise in order to stay healthy and perform to the best of my ability.


Chocolate and salted caramel tart


Homemade granola

Not just healthy in terms of weight and shape, but to also have a healthy soul. This means enjoying what I eat, including a sweet and tasty treat, (because I love it), but also having a blast on my bike, skiing all day, running up mountains, swimming in lakes and jumping around doing plyometrics to keep me sane, burn energy, and get me strong and fit (because I love that, too).

I appreciate I am incredibly lucky to live in the mountains and do what I love.

Waterskiing on Lac Leman

Waterskiing on Lac Leman


Getting fitter and stronger: left, 2011 & right, 2015

Qualifying as a level 3 Personal Trainer and BASI ISTD level 4 Ski Instructor has meant that I have learnt how to train and fuel myself properly. This journey has not been without setbacks and I have also learnt to deal with and understand injury as well as some of life’s other challenges including stress and overcoming failure.


Enjoying powder in Japan


Before and after – 1997 (i’m guessing!) and 2014/15


Scrummy cupcake!

So far I’ve documented sporting achievements such as the Nagano Marathon in 2016 and my first Olympic distant triathlon, a few recipes and travelling adventures, particularly when I went to Japan and New Zealand.

I’ve also thrown into the mix a few posts such as Skiing: “it’s like riding a bike”, and Girls Who Ski.

I am now based in Morzine in the French Alps where I work as ski instructor for Supreme Ski and Snowboard School during the winter, and I am just setting myself up to work with Buzz Performance as a Spin and Fitness Instructor.

I record all my challenges/sporting events here.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that it may enhance your life in some small way!

Rachael x