Japow to Concrete Peak

Well, it would be concrete if it were cold enough. Today is 23rd June. The shortest day of the year, in the Southern Hemisphere, has just slid by and we should be heading into the depths of winter. As I’ve come to expect though, winter is taking its time to arrive.



Japan didn’t get its first big snowfall this season until 25th December, and Europe had a very late start with no ‘proper’ snow falling until January. Comparing this Southern Hemisphere’s June to last Northern Hemisphere’s December, they are about the same. I hope that with a little patience the colder temperatures will arrive in New Zealand.


Up the SkyLine last week when the skies were still blue

On a working day, I am up to get the 7am bus into town and then on up to Coronet Peak; the sunrises have been gorgeous. Home time has seen some pretty sunsets, too. It really is stunning here, and will be more so once it’s a little whiter!


Post induction and training, I’ve managed to teach a few ski lessons. Teaching beginners for the first time in a while has been good for the brain, and I am loving it. A particular highlight was when a gentleman kept clapping his hands and then shaking them by his sides with excitement and joy, like a child, at the fact he was skiing and sliding around – regardless of the conditions.


Interesting skies last week


Sadly the snowmakers and mountain staff have exhausted their resources in trying to keep the mountain open, and have closed Coronet Peak. During induction, we were informed as to how much water the canons could transform into snow. It is quite incredible how much snow they can make overnight. One night last week, they turned 700,000L of water into snow. If the conditions are optimal, the mountain can be made fit for action in less than 24hrs. Lets hope it happens soon!

Today I move to my permanent room for the season, which is just down the road from where I am currently staying. I’ve signed up to the gym and am working on my pull-ups, lifting again (gently! Although the effects of Fridays’ session took a while to wear off – I’ve been trying very hard not to walk around like an old lady), attending yoga and spin classes and using the infamous Fernhill as my cardio workout. I’ve walked up and down it, run up and down it, and even ran up it with a rucksack on my back. “Why?” I hear you ask. Primarily, because I enjoy it! I love a challenge and making my body do silly things. I like feeling fit. I like sweating. I like eating lots. Yes, I do have a screw loose. It is also my commute home, and to and from the gym.


A Perky Nana – banana flavoured chew with chocolate

I’m thoroughly enjoying being on skis again. It’s taken a few days to adjust to the conditions and, even after only a few months off, find my ski legs. The team at Coronet Peak seem great and with a lot of knowledge from which I can learn and continue to improve, both with my own skiing, and teaching.

So until Coronet Peak opens again, I will be making use of the gym, exploring Queenstown and the Winter Festival, which starts at the weekend, and spend my pennies on some silly activities…