Mallorca 2019

I said I’d write more this autumn and catch up with my ‘online diary’, and here I am!

I’ve actually just been in Mallorca, enjoying another ‘work’ trip to Port de Pollença as part of the Buzz team, touring clients around the island on bikes.


On the ride to the Lighthouse (Cap de Formentor)

I say ‘work’ because this summer, work has meant play, play has meant work, training has meant work and play, and at times it has all become very confusing. All I know is that every trip and interaction with Buzz has been an adventure and, even when I may have been tired and grumpy at times from the full-on days (sorry Hugo!), I look back and it’s been a pretty sweet summer!


Heading to the lighthouse

When I shared a photograph of me at Nice in September I did thank Baby Bee, Lia, for coming into this world as if she hadn’t, I’m not quite sure I’d have had the summer I have had. Amelia was a new mum and I needed to step up and play a bigger role within the team.

So that’s why I find myself in Mallorca for the second time this year, but this time it’s the girls on tour, and Joe is on daddy duty.

Back in May I was working hard to get myself ready for Rapperswil 70.3. I had two weeks on the island of focused training, followed by a final 3 weeks to top up and taper, moving between London and Morzine. There was no time to slack on training sessions.


View on the way over to Cap de Formentor (early start to beat the traffic!)

During the weeks in May in Mallorca, we had some lovely Canadian clients, most of whom were Ironman distance competitors, a couple from Tazmania, Finland, and a few from the UK. They kept me on my toes, shared lots of advice, stories and made the two weeks very enjoyable.


Apparently beer before going up Sa Calobra is a must.


Milla from Finland, my room mate for the first week.

I did my best to not get lost, listen closely to Joe’s directions (we were guiding this time whilst Amelia grew a baby!) and help guide, pace, encourage and motivate our guests throughout their stay. I used time trial bars for the first time; needless to say the learning curve was pretty steep in order to look the part on race day.


Sa Calobra


Top half of the Sa Calobra climb

The weather was on point and I left Mallorca a little tanned, feeling fitter and more confident for the race ahead. You can read all about it here!


Double thumbs up from me at the top of Saint Magdalena

Now that I’m back in Mallorca I can really appreciate how far I’ve come over the summer, feeling a little rested and fairly strong. However, not yet ready for too much training and struggling to fix another event in the too near future. The thought of skiing fills me with a tad more excitement! Apparently winter is coming…

This trip though has been full of giggles and confidence boosting, guiding 6 ladies around the island. This time, instead of tailing the group ensuring everyone makes it from A to B,  I was up front! (Until I got lost and then Amelia took over…!) I’m learning the routes in more detail now that I have to really lead, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the island even more. It really is an awesome place!


Sara descending into Port de Pollença after the ‘lighthouse’ ride.


Team shot in Pollença


Happy guests at the lighthouse, Cap de Formentor.

It’s still warm, in the middle of the day even hot, but with that slight autumnal feel to the air. The roads are lovely and quiet and the sea is a gorgeous temperature to go for an afternoon dip. I am all the more smug when I know it’s miserable at home and fellow training mates are probably fixed to their Swift screens whilst I’m out smashing the odd PB, and theirs (!) and there is not much they can do until they return in the spring.




Coffee and cake


Lots of cycling and triathlon training means treats like these 🙂

See you then, Mallorca!