I’ve never tapered before. Not properly. I’ve not always had the chance to, not always had the way of life, as a result of Covid-19, to enable the most consistent training plan I’ve ever had.

Trust the process.

My three week taper to race day started two weeks ago. The first week I didn’t really notice a huge difference to my plan, to my body, especially as I had a 2 hour run to complete towards the end of the week.

However, week 2 comes around and the fact I have the urge, and found the time, to write indicates to me that I’m ‘coming good’. Energy is being restored, and well, I feel like I’m good to go.

Sort of. Maybe. Or maybe I do need another week? Or do I?

Trust the process.

We all know I’m not a big rester, a sitter-stiller, a CTFO-er (Chill The F**K Outer), but I’m trying. Really, I really am trying.

Trust the process.

I started last week feeling sluggish. Apparently this is normal, and my other racing buddies felt similar. Relief. I’ve gradually done less and less, yet trying to maintain some intensity in some sessions.

I’m hungry. Really hungry. Wake up at 4am because you can’t sleep and eat a piece of PB on toast kind of hungry.

Your muscles are recovering, they’re mending, they’re getting stronger. They need fuel.

Trust the process.

Oh weather! You are the uncontrollable I wish I could control. Snow, really? I want to ride my bike. I NEED to ride my bike.

Sit down. Read a book. Do some work. Study. Have a bath. Eat some more food.

Trust the process.


Reflect on everything you’ve done and you’ve achieved this summer. From lock-down to now, a shade under 7 months, of Training Peaks. Look at the improvements you’ve made, the personal bests you’ve already bagged.


Remember those long swims, those long bike rides, those long runs. Remember the sweat. Remember the hard sessions, the sessions that went well, the sessions that didn’t go so well. Remember how it felt when you performed your best, and channel that when it comes to the test.

Be grateful.

Assuming race day does still go ahead (one week to go) you’re one of few who have had a race this season. Enjoy it!

Trust the process.

I can’t sleep. Is it nerves? Already?! I’m antsy. Fidgety. My brain is whirring, I want to move. Am I peaking too soon?

Trust the process.

Meditate. Do some yoga. Foam roll. Have a massage.

Trust the process.

Ooo! I’m allowed to go for a run. Easy. Easy, huh. 30 minutes, spin the legs, tease them, hold them back for race day.

Trust. The. Process.