Buzzing for Summer

How those winter chasers can be heading to the Southern Hemisphere for another winter, I don’t know. I’ve done it twice, and that’s enough! Friends of mine have done it for years, squeezing bits of warmer weather in between seasons in the form of autumn or spring.

No thanks! My body needs some vitamin D and time out of ski boots, for more than just  2 months a year.


I have loved the spring, spending time in London, catching up with friends and family, gatecrashing the end of my parents holiday in the Ardèche, and going down to spend some time near Perpignan. Lucky lucky!

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This summer I am hoping to compete in a few triathlons. To be honest, I mostly enjoy the training, but I also really enjoy the buzz and the excitement of an event and competing with others. As long as I don’t crash (!) the adrenaline rush is pretty ace! Well, I suppose it’s a different, not so great, adrenaline rush if I do…

So, I’ve been building up my confidence cycling. Spin classes and getting certified have really helped, with technique as well as conditioning the legs. Friends are helping with my inability to cycle in a straight line, my excessive breaking downhill and total fear at squeezing past cars at traffic lights, going around roundabouts and bends – my general, poor bike management!


Spring greens on a bike ride


Credit to my phone’s funky photo edit

The 50m outdoor pool in Morzine will be good to go in July and, guess what? It’s literally in my back garden this summer! Sadly I will have to share it. For now I need to get myself to the indoor one and bash out some lengths. The water in Lac Montriond looks very tempting, but it still needs to warm up a little.

Runs are hard. I’ll get there. I’ll get faster. I’ll get stronger.

To accompany all this I can’t wait to get doing all the other activities this wonderful part of the would has to offer. **Claps hands together like a small child**

What’s more, a triathlon club has been set up in Morzine, Tri Montagne, in association with Buzz Performance. I might actually get some professional help rather than just fumble along! The club welcomes everyone and I really hope people have the time and motivation to at least come and tri a training session and see if they enjoy it – you don’t know unless you tri!!

Finally, I better earn some money. As I mentioned when I passed the Spinning® certification, I’d be working with Buzz Performance. Well, I’ve been attending classes over the past month, training up, ready to start teaching. I’m so excited to be working with Joe and Amelia at Buzz, and am quite literally buzzing after classes. I really enjoy teaching!

I’ll be supplementing this with cleaning and odd-jobs – it’s not all glamorous!

Oh, and this is, Olive, the new addition to the family. I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves. Actually, these are photo’s only of her looking cute. She’s completely mental, not scared of anything and a right cheeky so ‘n’ so, but highly love-able and very entertaining.