Energy Bars

I’ve made granola type energy bars before with oats, seeds, dried fruit and honey but as I have oats for breakfast on most days, having a change is nice. When I discovered Nakd bars and realised you could make energy bars with few ingredients, and no oats, and with my Nutribullet – it was time to give these a whirl.

Nakd bars are mainly date based with nuts and seeds and vary depending on the flavour of the bar. The Nutribullet also came with a little recipe book that had some energy bars based on a similar idea.

Skiing makes me pretty hungry and these little nuggets of deliciousness hit the spot, prevent embarrassing stomach rumbling and are healthy.

100g Cashew nuts

50g Pumkin seeds

150g Dates (pitted)

In the Nutribullet small cup, I blitzed the cashew nuts with the milling blade until they were crumbly with the odd chunk left. The pumpkin seeds then went in and a few more pulses in the Nutribullet later, I had a healthy mix. I then added the dates and used the extractor blade to blitz it together. Blitz, shake, blitz, shake and eventually a, not too attractive, sticky mixture forms. I popped the mixture in a dish, compressing it in, and refrigerated it. I cut it up in to 50g square (ish) pieces and wrapped them in clingfilm ready to pop in my ski jacket.

They do look a bit like bird food, and I have received a few comments exclaiming ‘what is that?’ but #healthynotpretty – try it! Be experimental with the nuts and fruit and find a combination that you like. I will try cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds and apricots next. I think the photographs below show bars of a mix of almonds, sunflower seeds and figs.

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Clearly love. The only suitable dish - thank you to my Aunty Annie for it.

Clearly love. The only suitable dish – thank you to my Aunty Annie for it.

Cling-filmed up and ready to go

Clingfilmed up and ready to go