Terrible Transitioning to Tri-ing Harder

Transitions. The 4th discipline. The one you really need to practise and the one I have, through primarily fear, neglected the most.

Swapping laces for ones you don’t have to tie is a start, and apart from now putting on baby oil for slicker removal of my wetsuit, that has been about the extent of my efforts into faster transitions.

This year that is changing. 💪🏼

I’ve brought myself a shiny new pair of cycling shoes, specifically triathlon shoes and new pedals to match (both from Decathlon no less!).

Last week at senior training with Tri Montagne (Thursday’s 12h30) we focused on bike skills and transitions. Yes, my heart leapt with joy! Nawt.

Honestly, it was the best session. Mainly because I achieved something I NEVER thought I’d ever do and so yes, that is why I am now blogging about it, in the hope that someone reading this might be inspired to come and try something new too. Get out that comfort zone and keep pushing your own personal limits!


Club members at training. New Tri Montagne posters are out and about – come along and have a go!

The course was to cycle two laps of essentially the car-park, over some sketchy loose gravel and round some tight corners, and transition to run about a 500m loop. Repeat.

Well, with each repetition, lovely coach Amelia encouraged us to try something new. For me, I had to first try and undo the straps of my shoes. It did take me the best part of the second loop, but I got there in time!

For some reason, my left arm does not like coming off the handle bars, to the extent I find indicating that side a real challenge. I think my left side is in general weaker than my right (my left thigh is definitely smaller than my right by nearly an inch!) and something I am trying to address.

I used my right arm only and managed to reach across to do my left shoe that way.

Next time, take your feet out and rest them on top.

A considerable amount of wiggling was necessary, but I got there! I need to soften the shoes and wear them down a bit more to make it easier.

Towards the end of the session I was even trying to set off with my shoes attached to the pedals and get them in on the move! 😳 Not so smooth and a little squeal, but I just about managed. The straps were rather loose and I could do with the elastic to hold them in place.

But, I have got to a point where I can now go and practise and try and get better.

It is scary and a bit unnerving, but with concentration, external encouragement, advice and coaching and a whole loada determination, clumsy clot here is going to get there!

The irony was that once I got ready to put on my trainers, I realised I hadn’t put the non-tie laces in to my trainers, so was still tying up my trainers into a nice pretty bow. 👏🏼

The amount of concentration required on the bike meant I didn’t pedal very fast (although with each lap I gained confidence around the bends and through the loose gravel), so I ensured I got nice and sweaty and my heart pumping on the run.

A great session and I’m feeling really motivated to Tri and be much better! I still brand myself with a chain tat’ but hey, I will always be clumsy Rach but I’m ok with that!

On another training note, here are a few photographs from our ride On Tuesday morning up the Ramaz. The sunshine has finally arrived and we’re all loving the glorious weather. Thank you to Buzz guest, Tony, for the photographs and fellow Buzz buddy, Rachel.

Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9am at Palais des Sports if you’d like to come along. Sign up on the Buzz website.


Top of Ramaz


Heading towards Mieussy


Loving life at the moment and appreciating every bit of it!