Back on Piste

I’m back on skis, back teaching and back into a healthier routine for my last few weeks in Queenstown. Score!

My body is still trying to grow a wing and fly (maybe it thinks unless it creates its own way of getting back home, I might never go…), but my shoulder is getting a little stronger, a little less uncomfortable and sticking out a little less. Progress! I am doing gentle exercises to wake and strengthen the muscles around the shoulder blade, under the guidance of a weekly visit to the physiotherapist and chiropractor.

Taking my sports bra off is a hideous moment in the day. The strap catches on my ‘wing’ and makes me feel a little nauseous. The nerve pain is less than ideal, and I am finding it frustrating in the gym as I can’t lift anything, nor hold myself in a plank or do any exercises involving being on my hands and arms. My legs are working fine though, and I am doing interval training on the bike and treadmill, as well as focusing on keeping my glutes, hips and core strong.

I can also ski!



A trip to Treble Cone, with my friend Lindsey, after a small snowfall was a treat. We took the Kiwi Discovery bus and had a great day skiing. Stunning views and a lot of interesting terrain to charge around on made up for the slightly warm and heavy snow. If I can get back over there, I will. I’d like to ski at Cardrona before I leave, and maybe visit Ohau. We will see!





First time I saw a Kea!

Keeping our eyes open was a challenge…

Teaching is fine; a little achy but nothing that ice and a few painkillers doesn’t cure. School groups have provided the ski school with consistent weekly work, and I’ve also had a few beginner lessons; these test the shoulder when I have to help up my clients.

Thank you to Zemira (Hapiness Loves Company) who kindly whisked me off to Glenorchy and Moke Lake on a couple of afternoons whilst I was ‘off games’. She is from Austria and currently enjoying the mountains and what Queesntown and New Zealand has to offer.






Moke Lake was stunning. I’ve never seen reflections quite like these – breathtaking!


Kiwi pies have tickled my fancy – I particularly enjoyed a gluttonous feed at Mrs Ferg’s, and Kai Pai’s Happy Hour is rather dangerous with their 2-for-1 offer. A client at the start of the season kindly gave me a voucher to the Sherwood hotel; the mushroom and walnut burger was delicious. I’ve also devoured a ‘Sweet Bambi’ at Ferg Burger – wow!



Lunch at the Sherwood Hotel



Pulled pork Pizza at Little Blackwoods

I am trying to extend my stay to the end of the season, which is the first weekend of October. I hope to be home not too long after this. Unless of course, my wing flies me home in the meantime!