Off Games

These words haunt me still from my school days. Now, the words ‘off games’ aren’t used so much as just, ‘rest’.

Change the record!

It’s my own fault. I really need to get better at resting on a more consistent basis. Looking over past posts, not resting enough is a running theme and I need to learn from my mistakes. Burning the candle at both ends is something my body just cannot do. I should know better.

‘Time is precious, waste it wisely’ I actually wrote about how I could rest more and make life easier for myself. I guess adopting new habits is hard.


Work had been going really well with some great clients, repeat lessons and heading up the t-bar with members of the US women’s ski team and their coaches!

So, no surprises, last week when my body finally gave up. Well, I gave in.

Gradually I was getting more and more exhausted, feverish, pounding headaches, coughing incessantly and some friends encouraged me to go to the doctor. I’ve been put on antibiotics for sinusitis. Hopefully, despite the swollen glands and tonsils, I will have avoided glandular fever. The doctor just said, “GO TO BED”. Okay, okay…I’m goiinng.

So I went to bed, and woke up with a ‘winged scapula’.


My right scapula sticks out and off my rib cage with any movement I make. It feels disjointed, as if it dislocates each time. Makes me feel rather nauseous!

It’s not pretty (at this rate I’ll never wear a dress/strapless top again!), and it sure ain’t comfortable. No one is sure how I’ve done this, or what I have done exactly. Sounds about right.

I am booked for an ultrasound on Tuesday to see if it is muscle damage. If not, and if I am honest I think this is more likely, it’ll be nerve damage; a result of training for chin/pull ups, stress, tiredness, being ill and related to my hypermobility. The damaged nerve won’t be sending signals to the muscle to make it work, and therefore the scapula isn’t moving normally.

The chiropractor also noticed (along with commenting on how ‘warm’ I was – yes, I do have a fever too…sorry!) that my spine curves a little to the left. Both my mother and grandmother have scoliosis, but thankfully I don’t appear to have inherited it. However, the chiropractor said there is a noticeable curve as soon as I make a movement. This could also be related to what I’ve done, but who knows!

Before it all went wrong… Training the negative phase of a chin up. Yes, not great, but I didn’t think I was doing THAT much damage. Clearly this is going to be a far bigger challenge for myself than I ever thought.

So ‘off games’ it is, which is less than ideal. I said, with no doubt way too much hope in my voice, to the chiropractor as she started to close her door, “What can I do? Strength work? Stretch? Can I work?”

“Rest, Rachael. Rest.”



So, whilst I pump my body with painkillers, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, vitamins, immune boosting supplements, and a much healthier diet than I’ve allowed myself to succumb to over the past month; I’ll be having a plod through my never-ending and forever-expanding to do list, which mainly requires sitting at a laptop. I’d love to, depending on energy and pain levels, and money, go on a few adventures in and around the area.


Salmon, cream cheese, sun dried tomato, pesto, cucumber and radish on rye bread with an Asian salad at Bespoke in Queenstown


Raw banoffee pie, also at Bespoke. Yes, there are two spoons. I actually shared a dessert. I really must be under the weather.

I’ll also do a little preparation, research and planning for next winter. I am excited to say that I will be coming ‘home’ to Les Gets/Morzine to a brand, sparkling new job. I am currently looking for somewhere to live, year round, and a car. More to disclose at a later date…