Fat fluffy flakes falling on my face

Thank you to Addie for the ingenious title. #loveallitteration



Coronet Peak is nearing the end of its third week back open. It’s looking a hundred times healthier and providing us snow addicts with an awesome playground.


Back bowls off Coronet Peak. Photo credit: Victoria Tomlinson


From Greengates, Coronet Peak


Top of Back Bowls. Photo credit: Victoria Tomlinson

Last night we had a staff night ski (thank you lifties, and the brave heads of department for unleashing us on to the slopes). We had the mountain to ourselves, and no one held back. Finally we could charge around the mountain, and all under the floodlights which made for a very atmospheric, if not slightly dangerous, evening. I am still fairly surprised I came away unscathed. *Congratulatory pat on the back.

Addie rocking solo into oblivion.

Video credit: Eugene @wanderlustgenetravels

The childish excitement hit higher levels as the biggest storm of the season set in and we were shredding fresh pow on nearly every run. It snowed overnight adding a further 20cm of snowflakes – apparently storms this big don’t roll in all too often. Well, it was about time!


Last days at The Remarkables – the sheen was mean!

I really enjoyed being at The Remarkables, but I’m not going to lie, the shorter commute is very welcome. I’ve managed to get back in the gym a little (chin ups are NOT going well but I am a little stronger…I think!), be social and eat out. A lot.

Taking photographs of of what I’ve been consuming has seemed a little ridiculous recently, and I’ve felt uncomfortable doing so.

Oh, who am I kidding? I am normally half way through whatever it is I am stuffing in my mouth before I remember I ought to take a photograph for the blog/’gram. I then resign myself to next time; because, of course, there will be a next time.

I’ve had several offers to come with me and eat/drink at all the restaurants/bars/cafés/bakeries again, for the sole purpose of documentation. However, it would be quite a pricey exercise. I seem to have an inbuilt GPS system that directs me to every bakery/cake/ice cream shop anywhere I go. Patagonia’s ice cream is incredible. I tried the ice cream lolly, which is dipped in chocolate and covered in a topping of your choice. Devil burger’s are strong competition for Ferg’s. Sushi night at Munami Jujisei took me back to Japan and I found myself using my limited Japanese phrases, much to the surprise of the waitress. I’m not sure they were overly thrilled with our Sake bomb antics. Little Blackwoods have an exquisite cheese and meat board. I could go on…but I think you get the idea; my taste buds have been well and truly tickled and my bank account could do with the feed.

Work has been busy and I’ve continued to teach tiny toddlers, children and adults of all levels.


Teeny tot age 4


Teeny tot age 2

Last week I had a ski club group from Otago and Southland ski clubs. 10 teenagers who know how to ski and kept me on my toes – it was a lot of fun! A lot of giggles as I was educated in Kiwi ways, shown around the mountain and provided with cake and biscuits by mums at the meeting points – win! Not to mention the delicious roast dinner they fed us one evening, thank you! Embarrassingly, but also amusingly, one afternoon we left one ski each half way down a slope to practise skiing on one leg, when the wind whipped up and the lifts closed. For the day. Thankfully the lovely ski patrol went to retrieve our kit. Oops!


With all this socialising, gyming, early mornings, late nights, not so healthy eating and drinking, the candle has been well and truly burnt in all directions. I’ve, naturally, been run down, but just about kept my head above water.


Yet another gorgeous sunrise over The Remarkables – truly remarkable.


Full moon first thing in the morning

This week I’ve enjoyed a few days off to catch up on life as well as go on a road trip to explore some of the surrounding area. Due to bad weather and road closure, we sadly couldn’t get to Milford Sound. We ended up taking a trip to the quirky Arrowtown and  over to Wanaka, and then to Te Anau where we went to check out the glow worms. Before we got into the caves, there was some premature excitement as we noticed some green lights glowing. Only on closer inspection did we realise they were part of an exit sign…

A pretty fun little trip to do that includes a boat ride with impressive views, and the expedition into the caves to seek out the little worms, whilst being navigated, blinded by the pitch dark, on a wobbly boat, cosied up to fellow passengers. Yes, it was a challenge to suppress the giggles.


Work should pick up a little more next week but I hope to get over to Cardrona and Treble Cone, and a trip to Ohau is also on the cards.

The scenery here is breathtaking and I can’t wait to go and explore more of the country.