So long, farewell, auf Weidersehen, goodbye…

That’s it, all done! A busy, rollercoaster ride of a summer and on reflection a very successful and productive one. Three weeks ago I wrote about a few goals I wanted to complete prior to leaving and these are the results.

1. FitBrit 2014

I failed. Miserably. Well, maybe not miserably, but with a final time of 12:45 when I was hoping for a time of sub 12 minutes (and definitely not MORE than my first attempt of 12:22), I was pretty gutted. My ‘excuses’ are the following:

  1. I didn’t set the bike up properly. School-girl error (idiot)
  2. Although, for the resistance sections I felt much stronger, I didn’t go as hard as I probably could have done in the cardio sections.
  3. I just wasn’t in it mentally and found it tough. “Bleup!”
Shoulder Presses

Shoulder Presses

Jan encouraging me through!

Jan encouraging me through!

So, the pint-sized powerhouse Mich wins the title for the girl’s at Shepherd’s Bush – congratulations! Had I not done FitBrit though, I would not have been so inspired to get fitter and work on my upper body strength. Or try and beat Mich.


2. 10k MoRunning Greenwich Park

I wanted to complete at least one race before I left London and MoRunning looked like a fun option. I roped Christo and fellow blogger, Sophie, in to it and today we had a very enjoyable run around an undulating, crisp and sunny Greenwich Park, with a lot of other MoRunners, all in aid of Men’s Health. I said to Sophie, ‘it’s all about the taking part…and running as fast as you can’! I am not going to lie, I had an idea of what time I wanted to run it in, but as we set off I hadn’t considered all the dodging and over-taking that would be required and the random benches to hurdle! Crossing the line with a time of 47:47, I was pretty happy – it was my fastest 10k this summer. Christo and I ran the first 7k together and then he pulled away finishing a minute ahead. And Sophie, who has only just started running this year (she has done the Royal Parks Half Marathon and others) and was not happy about the inclines, was chuffed to finish well under an hour in 59 minutes. Good effort on all accounts! My lovely mother and the silly hund, Marmite, came to support us and took the following photos which reflect very well the great atmosphere. Next year guys?

He came 3rd!

He came 3rd!

As you do...

As you do…




Tashtastic medals!


3. Tackling the weight’s room

Another session or two in the weight’s room, under the vigilant eye of fellow colleague, Nathanial, and I managed to deadlift 90kg and get my sets of squats up to 50kg and complete sets on the leg press at 130kg. He gave me some straps as a leaving present (thank you!), so I now feel obliged to keep lifting, and get some more PB’s! I will definitely try to continue to keep my strength up and include more resistance work in my training.


Getting low – full range of movement is important


Getting ready to lift 90kg… it’s all in the mind!


And it’s up!

4. Balance

Getting a balance in life is different for everyone. Some can achieve a balance everyday regarding work/play, eating well/cheating, resting/exercising (and everything in between!) For others, it might be on a weekly basis or even on a monthly basis (any longer than that and I think the balance may need to be readjusted!). This summer I really wanted to learn, and used my body as my own ‘guinea-pig’, trying out a variety of exercise approaches and trying to eat as ‘cleanly’ as possible. I really threw myself in to it and felt I needed to exercise almost everyday. The results were mixed and I owe a great deal to everyone at work for all their advice, support and imparting their knowledge with me. I have gained some pretty defined abs, got my resting heart rate down to around 40bpm, once registered my blood pressure at around 90/40 (!), and hit many personal bests. But, I also lost a few kilos that I probably didn’t need to lose, have felt exhausted, low and a little lonely and depressed at times. My balance had to be readjusted, and is still being worked upon to get me back to a happier place, but I feel much fitter than I did 6 months ago. I think I would have improved my 10k run even more, had I had more energy to do so. I have changed shape and it has been commented on. I am lean but, as so many girls hashtag – #strongnotskinny – I am stronger than ever before. I can run faster and for longer and feel more powerful and athletic. I just need to realise that my body needs a bit more fuel. It always has done compared to others, and I am not sure why this summer I felt it didn’t.


Not the best photo…but you get the idea!

I am so excited to get back on the snow and see if this hard work makes a difference to my skiing. I am also excited to help others to get to the fitness and strength levels they desire, and start using my experiences and knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

Tomorrow, dad, Marmite and I return to Les Gets and I am giddy with excitement to get back to the mountains. I will forever have fond memories of this summer in London and of all the staff and members at Fitness First in Shepherd’s Bush. There have been frustrations and set backs, but it will be the giggles, the smiles, the sweat, the strong and inspirational people that I will remember the most. I’ll come and visit in the spring, with some more cupcakes, obviously!

Peanutbutter and chocolate cupcake

Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes for everyone at work

With Danila at Fitness First

With Danila at Fitness First