Oats : Recipe No.2

Protein Pancakes – I came across these via The Body Coach. Ingenious.

This is my version of the recipe but again, do adapt it as required. Keeping these high in protein is the idea.

30g Oats

20g Flaxseeds (Great source of protein, omega-3 fatty acid & fibre – make sure you either buy them as a powder or grind them up at home. Otherwise, they might just pass right through you…)

Other seeds – I have previously added 10g each of pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds to the mix. Experiment! However, I don’t advise adding chia seeds as it tends to make the mix quite thick.

1 Egg

1 Banana


(Protein powder if you wish)

Toppings: nut butter (sometimes I even put a dollop into the mixture), fruit, honey, maple syrup, yoghurt, grilled bacon

With slightly less oats than for porridge, an increased amount of flaxseeds, an egg, nut butter, and maybe a cheeky slice or two of grilled bacon, these pancakes content more protein than your average oat based meal. These pancakes are also far more nutritious than the standard batter of egg, flour and milk.

Blend all the ingredients together to make the batter. Melt a teaspoon of coconut oil or butter into a pan. Turn the oven on a low heat to keep the pancakes you’ve made warm whilst cooking the others. Put tablespoons worth of mixture dotted about in your pan, spreading them into drop-scone sized discs. Leave them to cook for a minute or two before flipping them over. Here I have stacked the pancakes with a layer of homemade crunchy peanut butter in between each pancake and topped them with some super nutritious blueberries and some yoghurt.