Highlights of 2015

With the new year approaching I want to reflect on this last year. As with everyone, I am sure there have been some highlights and sadly, some inevitable low points. Accepting the lows and trying to come out of them stronger and better is how I think we all strive to approach and deal with them. It is also very important to acknowledge achievements and appreciate success before ploughing forward with new goals and aspirations.

My highlights of 2015:

Being a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding


I PASSED ALL MY BASI EXAMS. It will never get old. And, seeing my first (and I hope not last!) trainees pass their level 2 along with having a great season in Nendaz.


Best cake of the year award goes to my mother – thank you!

Being present for my little goddaughter Izzie’s first birthday. She’s a little cutie, despite the hair pulling!


Learning to surf in Morocco.


Spending time with my family and catching up with friends on various trips to the UK and round the mountains.




FINALLY completing an Olympic distance triathlon. Plus, coming second in the Nyon Olympic distance medley triathlon and competing in a sport as part of a team again. I am slowly but surely getting faster and more confident. Many other little goals were achieved on the way and make for a satisfying sporty year.


Seeing George Ezra perform at the Montreux Jazz Festival (I was too busy listening to take any photo’s!)

Watching, for the first time, my brother row in Nottingham. I’m a very proud sister.

NCLFC vs Bristol_8

And last, but by no means least, having the opportunity to come to Japan and land myself a pretty sweet job. I can’t quite believe my luck. Especially with the lack of snowfall back home. Yes, it took a while for the snow to fall here, and yes, it’s not as much as Niseko normally has for this time of year, but what we have I think is fantastic and I’m loving every minute of it. The busy period over Christmas and New Year is nearing an end and it has been an entertaining experience, learning about different cultures. The food is still fantastic and Eri never fails to buy something weird and wonderful. In the new year I will share more.

Here are some of my favourite photographs over the past couple of weeks besides those on Instagram.

All in a day's work.

All in a day’s work.



Christmas Eve. It snowed on Christmas day so the full moon wasn’t quite as easily spotted. Stunning!


Perfect flakes!



What a difference!





Gathering my highlights of 2015 together has made me realise how very priviledged I am and lucky to be doing what I do. Although sad to miss out on life back home with friends and family over the course of 2016, I intend to make 2016 a very exciting and productive year.

Happy new year to you all! I wish you all the best, health and happiness for 2016 and thank you for supporting me on my adventures. “Life’s for the living, so live it” Passenger