Fitness First – Team GB’s Official Fitness Partner

Fitness First & Team GB have partnered up to create a new product to launch in the clubs this September, supporting Team GB athletes, in particular those heading towards the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016. A challenging workout to push yourself in all areas that an athlete would focus on to perform to their very best: agility, strength, power, endurance and speed.

The workouts are set to music to inspire you through the workout. Those leading the classes are full of awesome facts about the athletes who use these kinds of drills in their training to encourage you to train to your very best. Each class can vary depending on the instructor and the sports they choose to focus on in the class. I experienced a class based on athletics, track/field and power lifting. I was definitely pushed, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Not sure if my shoulders did…

It’s a pretty full on workout but combines competition, team work, functional training and your core to create a class which is a balance of great fun and sweating buckets, whilst feeling like you are training like one of the elite! Definitely worth taking part and experiencing yourself.

I even got a  free bag and towel. Happy days!

I even got a free bag and towel – happy days!