Winter 2017-2018, Morzine

‘Winter this year is like being in an argument with someone who keeps leaving the room, and right when you think it’s over, they burst back in yelling “AND ANOTHER THING!”

I’m currently in London where I can hear cars driving on wet roads, and it’s grey and damp and a bit chilly. A stark contrast to the spring, if not summer-like, weather we enjoyed barely a couple of weeks ago. It was very welcome after a winter of only 18, I believe, sunny days. That spring weather was not set to last however, and winter appears to have one final (we hope!) thing to say. There was even a dusting of fresh snow on higher peaks back home last night.


Snow from the end of November

Supreme Ski in Morzine employed three more instructors this winter. I loved having a small team here, and we’ve had a busy and successful season. Having the freedom to pass work on to the others, and with a season’s experience in Morzine, I was better organised in taking time off to enjoy the snow for myself. With conditions as snowy as they were, I had some great days and afternoons playing in the snow.






I even got out on a snowboard a couple of times!



I met some lovely people this winter through work, and some entertaining children! Thank you for booking with us!




Nearly! He was absolutely fine.



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So much food (and wine) was consumed Chez Lachy et Alice.

We had an excellent family Christmas, and as it was my 30th this year, some of those closest to me came out to celebrate my birthday.



I’ve remained injury free (don’t speak too soon) and feel pretty happy and settled in Morzine – it really is a great place to live.


Morzine at night. Photo credit to George


Snowy Morzine

The only sad news of the season is the loss of our beloved flat-coated retriever, Marmite. He was such a big part of the family. A friend once said to me that he felt our family was much bigger than just the four of us. On reflection I think it is because we talk about our pets like family members. We were all heartbroken and I still miss him terribly, but having little Olive to hang out with makes it easier. She is a babe.


Despite the current weather, summer is just around the corner. I’ve already started teaching classes with Buzz Performance and I’m off to Mallorca on Sunday for a weeks cycling/triathlon training. I’m excited to be working for Joe and Amelia this summer, and hope to do more PT sessions and classes. Please do get in touch if you’d like any training.

I also hope to start blogging a little more over the summer as I’ve said before, this blog is a wonderful record of what I get up to. Even if no one reads it, maybe one day when my life gets boring, I can have it printed out so that when I’m old and sat in a rocking chair I can read all about my adventures.